Happy New Year and to those of you in the DC area, happy first snow day of 2019! And while I’m still saying Happy New Year, a part of me feels like 2019 is off to a running start. Perhaps that’s why Facebook keeps showing me videos of runners helping each other across finish lines. There’s the one of the woman running the Philly half marathon who is helped by two fellow runners and third carries her across the finish line. Then there is an even more harrowing one of the winner of a marathon who almost collapses within 50 yards of the finish line and tries to shake off help for fear of being disqualified.

You’ve probably seen them before since they were posted over a year ago. Even though I know it’s not news, something always makes me stop and watch and, usually, cry. I don’t plan on running a marathon, or half marathon, but there’s something about fellow runners helping each other out that gets me. What I respond to is the shared sense of purpose that their fellow runners just get. The non-runner in me wants to tell them that the person doesn’t need to get across the finish line. They’ve done enough; their body is telling them to stop. But the former runner and current competitor in me responds to how fellow runners know how far that person has come. They know that they would want to finish the race. And they help.

One explanation for the hold they have on me has nothing to do with women business owners but more about human kindness in general. I like a good reminder that human kindness is out there and it’s not so rare. I felt that in my business and in my life and while we humans have some work to do, there’s potential there.

Another explanation is that last year, I had the pleasure of helping my clients get across the finish line with some goals they’ve had for a while. Those goals include turning connections into new opportunities, winning new business, and FINALLY figuring this women-owned business certification thing out. As a relatively new business owner it’s also been critical that I have my own cheerleaders who are there when my legs get shaky and I run out of fuel. I relied on my fellow women business owners for referrals, business services, brainstorming, commiserating, and celebrating our wins. I think a lot of us, runners or not, can relate to the runners in the videos and we hope that we would be like the people helping them cross that finish line. In addition to my business goals this year, I’m also setting an intention to be like the people who slow down in their own race to help a fellow racer. 2019 is off to a running start but it will take mindfulness and intention not to just run by my fellow racers.

To finish lines, wins, and helping each other over those hurdles in 2019!