The vision of 12PointFive is to help companies transform their workplaces and achieve diversity and inclusion goals for greater business outcomes. Diversity is correlated with a happier workforce and higher profits. There is a clear business case for diversity as a business imperative, not just a social one. And yet, many companies are not driving progress in on D&I. They indicate a commitment to diversity that is not felt by the workforce or embedded in people’s jobs and career trajectories.

Look at your own workplace. Is your organization diverse? Inclusive? Could it be better?

To help organizations that are moving to the next step in their D&I journeys, 12PointFive has developed scalable tools for companies at any stage of their D&I journey to not only train their workforces but to embed the values of D&I programs into their day to day work. Get a sneak peek by watching the video above.

We’re excited to offer this as another service for companies leveraging diversity and inclusion to achieve their goals. When you’re ready to move from diversity to inclusion to outstanding, get in touch with us!