You win some; you lose some. Then you win the whole ding dang thing.

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I wrote over the summer about what I learned from the U.S. winning the World Cup.  The U.S. World Cup Team captured our hearts and made us proud because they were such a force. France, England, and the Netherlands all made the games interesting but for the most part we watched those women charge ahead [...]

Resources for Business Owners in the DMV

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https://www.facebook.com/DCstartupweek/videos/413607066179362/ I recently listened to a podcast with Annie Weller called Find your Tribe. It's a delightful look into how people from different industries found their tribe, and in some cases, created their tribe.  The feeling of belonging we get from our tribes fills a need we have as social creatures for belonging and [...]

Celebrate like the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team

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Photo credit: USWNT on Instagram I've felt tremendously proud of the U.S. this summer. It was wonderful to watch the U.S. National Women's Soccer team dominate the World Cup in France, bring Americans together, and give us a reason to be proud of our country. I'm still not over them winning the World Cup, then [...]

FAQs: Certification – How do I start?

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In my previous posts about certification, I answer questions about leveraging certification and international certification. Based on the questions I've received from some of you, I'm going to back up and talk about the steps to certification.  I am often asked where to start with certification, how long the process takes, and if it's "painful." While [...]